yes I have bananas

The Logic Lab just talked about did indeed use miniature banana jacks. In my quest for the elusive connector I wound up mistakenly buying a bunch of small full size banana plugs seen here. They weren't suitable.

I'm building some cables with miniature banana plugs right now. Actual Mini Bananas have a 3.05mm diameter vs. 4.3mm? diameter full size Bananas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you now can get the banana cables made for the ces trainers at plus a whole lot more

Blogger the world of next tuesday said...

I've not seen the ones the anonymous poster is promoting. They might be okay, I don't know. I've seen what might be original bananas with an Ed-Lab and they were easy to tangle and most were not stackable. CES Trainers do not need special banana jacks, You can use industry standard regular ones.


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