CES Ed-Lab 700 Computer Systems Lab

Notice all the multiple jacks! I was surprised to see any multiples on a banana jack system. I think a lot of the stock banana cables supplied with these systems were sort of economic and don't stack. There could be some potential educational clarity to using a multiple, but it seems sort of against the philosophy of banana patching.

10 Flip Flops - (chip: 945 PC F)
4 four input AND gates (1806 PC F)
3 four input NAND gates (SW 962-2P 1342)
3 four input NOR gates (1810 PC F)
2 four and 1x 3 input OR gates (Motorola MC1808P)
4 four input XOR gates (SW1812-M)
5 logic Inverters (motorola MC837P)
2 pots
2 resistors
3 2N5172
1 One Shot
1 Follower Hold
1 Schmitt Trigger
1 Clock (hi or low speed with regular and inverse output)
1 four input threshold logic
1 4-Bit DA converter
1 Comparator op-amp
3 diodes
5 LEDs
5 Switch
1 momentary contact switch
10 multiples.
1 Voltage source