Comdyna GP-10 Analogue Computer

This was likely pulled from a larger Comdyna 7000 Analog/Hybrid Computing System. The GP-10/S is still available from the manufacturer.

CES Ed-Lab 900 Digital Memory & Display Lab

Digital Memory & Display Lab

CES Ed-Lab 651.A Electronic Systems Lab

Electronics Trainer dated 1989, this photo was reused by sion10 on ebay without permission to try sell his different model at a very hefty price.


yes I have bananas

The Logic Lab just talked about did indeed use miniature banana jacks. In my quest for the elusive connector I wound up mistakenly buying a bunch of small full size banana plugs seen here. They weren't suitable.

I'm building some cables with miniature banana plugs right now. Actual Mini Bananas have a 3.05mm diameter vs. 4.3mm? diameter full size Bananas.