CES Ed-Lab 702 Digital Systems Lab

This one has a speaker on the back face for a boombox feel. It seems to be a newer version of the 700 with added keypad and LED digits and no meter.


Blogger Alpha Geek said...

Hmm, that 702 has a bit different guts than mine. The control board with the octal buffers that run to the card slot and to the upper row of jacks and to a few switches at bottom is flipped a different way and uses large split rainbow ribbon cables. Another thing about the one I have, I was hoping for nice normal CMOS CD4000 series chips for all of the JK flip flops, the Hex inverter, the binary logic but it seems to have very ancient non existent chips that I am having a very difficult time identifying or finding datasheets. Also I was stunned that a bunch of the transistors were the older metal can germanium ones. There is a fortune in rare hard to find chips and transistors in the older ones. I just had to go in to repair a broken ground strap and a switch and noticed the difference in your picture and my version. I will send you a picture of mine. I should have a newer 703.A coming in tomorrow. I also have a 651.A and a 502.

I am jealous of your Tektron logic lab! And your Comdyna. I cannot seem to find one anywhere! :(
Love your site!

Blogger Unknown said...

Do uou use it as a modular synth?

Blogger Mod said...

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